Experience Muse’s Epic Drones World Tour Film for One Unforgettable Night

Muse, the popular alternative rock band, has gifted their fans a special treat with the release of their Drones World Tour in cinemas for a limited time. This international show, captured on film throughout 2016, will be showcased on the big screen on July 12, allowing fans all around the world to come together and enjoy this unique experience.

The film features multiple concerts from the tour, featuring all of Muse’s iconic hits like ‘Psycho’, ‘Madness’, ‘Uprising’, ‘Plug in Baby’, ‘Supermassive Black Hole’, and ‘Knights of Cydonia’. It promises to wow the audience with never-before-seen special effects, enhancing the audio and visual sensations of the show. Viewers will be captivated by the mesmerizing visuals, including autonomous drones flying above the crowd, spectacular projections, and LED laser displays, leaving fans craving for more.

As an added bonus, this exclusive event will also coincide with the release of Muse’s latest single, ‘Something Human’. Fans can look forward to enjoying both the thrilling concert film and the new song in a truly immersive cinematic experience.