Witness the epic union of live music and drones in Muse’s latest concert film

A young digital marketing agency in Swindon has gained a strong reputation for its successful global Facebook ad campaigns in the film industry. Due to their proven track record, Trafalgar Releasing, a major player in the event film business, approached Tom Davenport, a Digital Marketing Specialist, two months ago. They entrusted him with the responsibility of handling a worldwide Facebook ad campaign for the renowned rock band Muse. The goal of the campaign was to promote Muse’s one-night-only concert on Thursday, July 12. Remarkably, the campaign has already surpassed expectations in terms of ticket sales.

The New York Times characterized the Muse live experience as an incredible buildup, with the band continuously reaching new peaks. The newspaper noted that seeing Muse on the big screen is a truly unforgettable fan experience. Titled “Drones Tour,” the concert film showcases the concert experience from 2015-2016 and features never-before-seen special effects.

During the concert, Muse performed “in-the-round,” offering attendees a 360-degree view of the stage. Alongside the band members, autonomous drones flew above the stage and interacted with the audience, while giant projections appeared on the screen. The film also includes exclusive insights from the band, making it a must-see for fans.

On July 12, thousands of people around the world will have the opportunity to enjoy the film simultaneously. The nearest screenings will take place in Swindon, Bath, Bristol, and Southampton.

Muse is a mainstream British hard rock band with over 16 million Facebook fans. Back in the early 2000s, they ruled the charts for several years. What makes this contract particularly extraordinary is that Trafalgar Releasing, a company of such stature in the music industry, typically relies on large media buyers in London to handle online advertising. However, Tom Davenport finds it surprising that they approached his Wiltshire-based company, as their strategies have consistently delivered exceptional results for the music business. He points out that their attention to detail and ongoing optimization sets them apart from big media buyers who simply set and forget their digital marketing campaigns. By responding to the audience’s feedback and building on what works, Tom and his team have achieved remarkable results for their clients.

For Tom, being involved in this campaign is especially gratifying. As a former Muse fan himself, he describes the opportunity to bring together so many fans for this unique global experience as thrilling.

When asked about why Trafalgar Releasing chose to work with his small company, Tom reveals that they previously collaborated on a campaign for Nick Cave and were delighted with the international ticket sales it generated. Unlike traditional advertising, which makes it challenging to measure return on investment, their approach focuses on instant measurability. This ensures that they can ascertain what drives ticket sales, determine the return they are providing for their clients, and target ads to reach more fans.

Tom firmly believes that social media advertising platforms are incredibly powerful tools. They allow for quick experimentation with different approaches, targeting refinement, and measuring audience response. By consistently achieving positive results through cost-effective strategies, Tom’s team has developed an intuitive approach that significantly benefits their clients.